Friday, 27 February 2009

Hello !

Hello Everyone !

I am a keen RC car and truck enthusiast. I have bought well over a hundred different RC cars of the toy grade over a 10 year stretch. Now that may not seem like alot (or it may seem like too much!) but being a grade-A student and an amateur writer for a local newspaper i barely have time for my "hobby". Or as my friends call it, my sickness (Hehe).

As you can imagine I've encountered many a disappointment during my years of toy RC collection. The thing i wished for was finding somewhere where i can read tips, reviews and news about this stuff. All i can find was websites that review (and secretly promote) 1000 dollar hobby-grade cars which, frankly, were way above my budget.

This is my way of contributing to the world i love. This is RC Car and Truck reviews for the budget buyer. For those who don't have enough to (or don't want to spend too much on) buy and upgrade and maintain expensive RC cars and just wanna have fun.

So in this blog I'll mainly focus on Toy-Grade RCs (Like Nikkos), Toy-to-Hobby grade RCs (like XMods) And budget low priced hobby-grade RCs (like the Traxxas Rustler & Stampede).

I'll include in-depth reviews and previews, pictures, and even videos where possible. With such often omitted figures like run-times with typical or common batteries, range and weight. Along with possible improvements and variations.

So without further ado. here we go !

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  1. Electric radio controlled cars are the easiest to use and with the new brushless cars are as quick as the nitro ones. The nitro cars are more of a hobby product than the electric ones as they are a little more difficult to use but once you learn how to use them are great fun and the small engine adds to the realism of the model
    Ben Almeer,
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